API Docs

Welcome to the Bitcorns API (v1). For support or to report errors, please email: [email protected]. It's important to note that the data provided by these endpoints are specific to the Bitcorn Crops game and may show less data than the Counterparty API.

NPM Package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/bitcorns-api

List Farms

GET /api/farms

Lists all of the farms ever made and whether or not they have access.

Note: A farm without CROPS is considered a "no cropper".

Show Farm

GET /api/farms/{farm}

Show different kinds of data about the given farm.

Note: This route is subject to frequent change.

List Coops

GET /api/coops

Lists all of the coops and the links to them on Bitcorns.com.

Note: It's possible a coop lists here may have no members.

Show Coop

GET /api/coops/{coop}

Show the resources and members of a given farming cooperative.

Note: This route is subject to frequent change.

List Cards

GET /api/cards

Lists all of the approved and published Bitcorn cards with their images and issuance data.

Note: All of the cards returned on this list are non-divisible and locked.

Show Card

GET /api/cards/{card}

Show data specific to a given card, especially the farms owning that card.

Note: The "holders" are those addresses that own/have owned CROPS.

List Tokens

GET /api/tokens

Lists all tokens used in the Bitcorn Crops game and their basic issuance data.

Note: BITCORN supply here excludes unharvested and burned bitcorn.

Show Token

GET /api/tokens/{token}.json

Show enhanced asset description for the given token in Counterparty protcol format.

Note: Can be used by any in-game upgrade creator in their asset description.