Game Rules


The object of the BITCORN CROPS game is to become the wealthiest player through harvesting and collecting BITCORN. The player who collects the most bitcorn at the end of the game wins. (See: Winning.)

By owning CROPS, players establish their Bitcoin addresses as farms on With a farm, players can harvest crops for a bitcorn reward. (See: Harvests.)

Between harvests, players can customize their farm's look, location, and in-game assets, immersing themselves in the Bitcorn world. It's even possible to join forces! (See: Co-Ops.)

If you have any questions, please contact us or join our chat room.

How to Play
HELIPAD borrows elements of its game play from idle games, like AdVenture Capitalist, board games, like Monopoly and Risk, and app games, like Farmville, and combines them on the blockchain using Counterparty.

To play, familiarize yourself with a Counterparty-enabled wallet, like Counterwallet, that you can use to access the blockchain and store your in-game assets. It's important that the wallet you choose can sign messages.

Since, any Bitcoin address that has a non-zero balance of CROPS is considered a farm, players can establish their farm by purchasing crops here. (See: Getting Started.)

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Getting Started

It's possible to explore the map and visit farms without being a player, but to get "on the board" takes owning CROPS. Crops are *the* access token for the game and the only way to establish a farm.

Once established, farms show up on this page. Giving your farm a name or uploading farm art is a great way to get started. With the "Edit" button, you can make and save changes by signing messages using Counterwallet.

You can get help learning Counterwallet and how to do message signing by joining our community chat room. It's also a good place to meet other players and stay up to date on the latest game developments.

Additional resources can be found through our FAQ page.

World Map
World Map

On, the World Map acts as the game board. Farms take up an amount of space proportional to the amount of CROPS they have. Once placed, no other farm can be placed in that same location.

Players have used different strategies for placing their farms. Some make their farm's location related to their name and art, some choose the location they themselves live in, while other's choose exotic destinations.

Where you place your farm is up to you and we intend to expand the role of the game board in the game as the community grows and the game progresses.

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Bitcorn Farms harvest their CROPS every three months for a BITCORN reward. Over time, harvests will become less bountiful until no more bitcorn can grow. At that time, the game will end.

Farms receive bitcorn during harvest times proportional to the size of their farm, as measured in crops, and according to the Farmer's Almanac, which forecasts bitcorn yield through January 2022.

0.00003810 CROPS is the smallest a farm can be and still grow some bitcorn.


Cooperatives can be created by farmers with more than 0.1 CROPS. Cooperatives allow players to join forces and compete cooperatively for SQUADGOALS rather than the individual prize of BRAGGING.


The game takes place on the blockchain, over the course of four years, ending in January 2022. On the day of the last harvest, BITCORN balances will be snapshot and the winners announced.

There are two paths to winning, players can win individually or as part of a cooperative. The individual winner is decided based on their bitcorn balance in January 2022. The Co-Op winner is decided based on group balances.

The individual winner will receive ownership of the BRAGGING token, literally cryptographic bragging rights. Each player that's a part of the winning cooperative will receive 1 SQUADGOALS.

Read the Farmer's Almanac to learn about harvesting.