Issued: Apr 18, 2021     Last Traded: N/A

Harvest #13 / Card #229

From the dawn of time the cornolith has stood and watched the growth of life on planet Earth. Advances in farming can be traced back to originate with the first group of hominoids that interacted with this new feature in their fields.

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Bitcorn Farms 6
# Name Coop Balance Percent
1. Bitcorn Crops Museum 1 11.11%
2. Bay Area Farms Magic Internet Corn Alliance 1 11.11%
3. Farm Titicaca 1 11.11%
4. Corn Islands CORN TANG CLAN 1 11.11%
5. MOONBRUNCH Magic Internet Corn Alliance 1 11.11%
6. Bitcorn Farm #616 1 11.11%


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Bitcorn Crops Museum


Name Description Unlocked
My First Hodler You got your first hodler, worth framing this one! Sep 30, 2021
Permanent Collection Part of the Bitcorn Museum permanent collection. Apr 23, 2021
You Got Mail First send on the Bitcoin blockchain. Apr 23, 2021
Name Description Progress
Pony Express My, my how this network has grown. 90%
A Token's Dozen More than a few, less than a lot, keep going! 46%
Achiever of Achievements Achieved 10+ Achievements. Well done! 30%
Going Postal Look out! This card's gone postal! 9%
High Speed Internet You say SPAM. I say blockchain use-case. 1%
Popularity Contest 1000 addresses own/have owned this card! 1%