Issued: Nov 14, 2018     Last Traded: N/A

Harvest #4 / Card #119

Search messages UPGRADE SETTINGS CONTACTS Inbox (3) Drafts Sent Starred (3) Archive Spam Trash All Mail (3) Folders / Labels UPGRADE STORAGE 720.97 KB / 500.00 MB 3.14.34 (No Subject) From: cornonymous Sent 11/15/2018 (a day ago) To: Show details Hello. We Are Cornonymous. I have been watching your game from afar. oh bitcorns, your kernals are so sweet. However, there is one problem, farmers and their farms are in plain site of the public and government agencies. The Cornonymous Card allows a farm to be concealed from the public view. When a farm owns the Cornonymous card there will be a toggle slider on their edit page to allow your farm to be Cornonymous or not. This toggle would be verified with a signed message. If Cornonymous is selected to be on, another player or government agent that clicks on their farm page will simply be taken to the HD image of CORNONYMOUS. there will be no access to the farm page through The only way to track down a farms information is to know their address and look at external sites such as Why would someone do this you ask? Peel back the husk and look deeper, you will find it. I will join your chat if and when this card is accepted and the simple edits of the functionality are in place. In the true anarchy fashion CORNONYMOUS cards will not be on any dex but rather we will play games where we will dangle them over a fire and I promise something will burn. -We Are Cornonymous

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