Dan's Vision


Issued: Jan 24, 2022     Last Traded: Jun 2, 2022

Harvest #16 / Card #354

In this way, nature reflects an artistic form that demonstrates the natural environment of the survival of corn. It is expressed in an abstract way, the set of black spaces, lines and squares that divide the facets of Day and Night in a certain way. Presenting its form of existence of a reality other than nature. The survival of corn is to comply with giving its crop to the living beings that need it most and at the same time survive by the plate of the worm and the birds that consume it since it is a chain of survival including in this way the human beings who They benefit in the same way from said item.

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Bitcorn Farms 3
# Name Coop Balance Percent
1. Bitcorn Crops Museum 1 1.52%
2. Bitnakorn Panic At The Disco 1 1.52%
3. Ant Farm Panic At The Disco 1 1.52%


Top Farm
Bitcorn Crops Museum
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Panic At The Disco

Panic At The Disco



Name Description Unlocked
Open For Business First trade on the Counterparty DEX! May 27, 2022
My First Hodler You got your first hodler, worth framing this one! Apr 15, 2022
You Got Mail First send on the Bitcoin blockchain. Apr 15, 2022
Permanent Collection Part of the Bitcorn Museum permanent collection. Apr 15, 2022
Name Description Progress
Achiever of Achievements Achieved 10+ Achievements. Well done! 40%
A Token's Dozen More than a few, less than a lot, keep going! 31%
Technical Analysis A doji on the 9 is a buy signal. 22%
Pony Express My, my how this network has grown. 10%
Merchant Adoption 100 trades on the DEX is basically mainstream. 2%
Going Postal Look out! This card's gone postal! 1%
Popularity Contest 1000 addresses own/have owned this card! 0%
High Frequency Trading The bots are the captain now. Obey! 0%
High Speed Internet You say SPAM. I say blockchain use-case. 0%