Dan's Vision


Issued: Sep 16, 2021     Last Traded: Nov 2, 2021

Harvest #14 / Card #236

Farm life is difficult, and it’s nearly impossible for a farmer to keep track of everything that could possibly go wrong in their fields. Introducing the Early Corning System! Let the ECS monitor the safety of your crops, so you can finally sleep through the night with both eyes closed.



Card Owners


Top Farm
Zombie Cornpopalypse
Top Coop
Magic Internet Corn Alliance


Name Description Unlocked
Technical Analysis A doji on the 9 is a buy signal. Oct 18, 2021
You Got Mail First send on the Bitcoin blockchain. Oct 02, 2021
My First Hodler You got your first hodler, worth framing this one! Sep 25, 2021
Open For Business First trade on the Counterparty DEX! Sep 25, 2021
Name Description Progress
A Token's Dozen More than a few, less than a lot, keep going! 77%
Achiever of Achievements Achieved 10+ Achievements. Well done! 40%
Pony Express My, my how this network has grown. 20%
Merchant Adoption 100 trades on the DEX is basically mainstream. 10%
Going Postal Look out! This card's gone postal! 2%
Popularity Contest 1000 addresses own/have owned this card! 1%
High Frequency Trading The bots are the captain now. Obey! 1%
High Speed Internet You say SPAM. I say blockchain use-case. 0%