moar corn !!

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Farm Deed #40

NO LOVE FOR CITY CROPS was established Feb 01, 2018 by a CROPS order match.

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Wins: 22 - Losses: 104

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Welcome to the Clan! We study ancient Shaolin farming principles, play loud music for our killer bees, & beneath the surface we host honey badger cage fights. #weacceptcrops.

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Location 43.700000, -79.400000
Name Description Unlocked
Savings & Loan Received 10,000 BITCORN. Jan 01, 2019
Battle Tested I remember my first battle. A win is a win! Oct 02, 2018
We're On The Map Placed a map marker. Sep 15, 2018
Hey Big Sender Sent 10,000 BITCORN. Apr 19, 2018
Salt of the Earth A new farm was establshed! And today, the sun shone a little brighter. Feb 01, 2018
Name Description Progress
Degen Farming Sent 100,000 BITCORN. 52%
Achiever of Achievements Achieved 10+ Achievements. Well done! 50%
Battle Hardened Can you feel the momentum building? You could be a champion! 22%
Farmer Warbucks Received 100,000 BITCORN. 18%
Corn Velocity Sent 1,000,000 BITCORN. 5%
Battle Champion Other farms tremble at the mere mention of your name. 2%
JPMorgan Chase Received 1,000,000 BITCORN. 2%
Battle Legend Simply a legend. Take a bow! 0%
Farmers Market This farm has more corn than they've harvested. 0%
Corn Floweth Over Over 100,000 BITCORN gotten from means other than harvesting. 0%
Cornucopia Over 10,000 BITCORN gotten from means other than harvesting. 0%