Dan's Vision


Issued: Mar 18, 2018     Last Traded: Jun 2, 2018

Harvest #1 / Card #6

There are many ways to harvest a bitcorn. The most ethical and efficient way is through modern machinary such as a corn combine, not with illegal undocumented workers.



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Bitcorn Farm #1

Bitcorn Farm #1


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3Sisters: Farms & Conservation


Name Description Unlocked
Card for a Card Traded for another Bitcorn Card. Straight up. Jun 02, 2018
Pony Express My, my how this network has grown. Apr 07, 2018
Open For Business First trade on the Counterparty DEX! Apr 02, 2018
You Got Mail First send on the Bitcoin blockchain. Apr 01, 2018
Permanent Collection Part of the Bitcorn Museum permanent collection. Apr 01, 2018
Name Description Progress
Technical Analysis A doji on the 9 is a buy signal. 67%
Achiever of Achievements Achieved 10+ Achievements. Well done! 50%
Going Postal Look out! This card's gone postal! 14%
Merchant Adoption 100 trades on the DEX is basically mainstream. 6%
High Speed Internet You say SPAM. I say blockchain use-case. 1%
High Frequency Trading The bots are the captain now. Obey! 1%